I walk down the streets of Jaffna,
No one checks my ID or backpack, no eyebrow raised,
No one asks my whereabouts or where my feet are taking me.
I buy what I want, I head where my head turns,
I am Free!

I wait impatiently for an ice cream at a Dhansala,
I enjoy the bun from St. Anthony’s church,
I walk behind the Vel chariot to be treated with delicacies,
I walk into the mosque and no one asks for my creed,
I am Free!

My friend cheats me, he’s Sinhala,
They cannot be trusted.
My classmate puts me down and boasts of his status,
Tamils – their pride goes before their fall.
My colleague at work is very picky about her food,
Muslims – they are only halal in their food.
I am Free!

I dine at a business party,
Food tastes better when I use my hands,
I’ve to be in my best behaviour,
So starts my table etiquette.
I am Free!

What on earth is she wearing? How hideous is that?
Fashion blunder!!
Thank God for my sense of style,
I can’t afford it but I have the right choice and
I know where to invest.
I am Free!

I’ve to shed those pounds, trim my waist,
Control my mouth and get married soon.
I’ve to build some muscle, get a personality,
Sharpen my photogenic features.
Good looks are all that matters.
I am Free!

I’m sick, I go to the general hospital to find,
“Today doctors are on strike!”
The last day to pay my exam fees,
I toiled hard for the money but can’t make it,
Bus and Train strike!
I am Free!

Thanks to my job, my family has a roof.
I don’t agree with the ideas of my boss,
They challenge my beliefs.
I get paid for my work and if the majority is okay,
Why fret?
I am Free!


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