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I am a “Catholic Christian”! :S

I’m sure many of us had to face questions like,

So what’s the point in transforming such a simple question into a Blog Post?? Well let me explain the beauty of this question and answer, then you’ll see how important it is to pay attention to the slightest details.

Generally when anyone used to ask me this question, I used to say, “I’m a Catholic, Roman Catholic“. (And if you think that it’s the James Bond tone, then you’re absolutely right :D) But then recently when a colleague in office asked me if I was a Catholic or a Christian, then I told her that I’m a Catholic….but then later on, it kept ticking in my mind. What’s the difference??

Well I don’t wanna get into the Hierarchical differences of the Catholic Church and the other Christian Churches. Well if you go down that lane, there’s clearly a difference, but that’s not my arena for this post. I’m trying to deal with the normal usage of the terms, based on the path of the literal meanings of the word.

The term Catholic, refers to Universal right? Okay, now that’s fine! Moving on to the next option given within the question, Christian, now that in simple terms, Follower of Christ. So now tell me, am I a Catholic or a Christian? Interesting eh? Unless we give some thought to the silliest questions of this sort, you don’t realize how meaningful and important the question could be. Or what impact you could create with your answer to the one who’s asking you.

Now let’s analyze the answer… If you’re a Catholic should you be a Christian? Not necessarily… (Please read above paragraph) Duh!! Of course you have to!

Okay, now the second part of the analysis… If you’re a Christian should you also be a Catholic? Hmm… now that’s a tricky one… Let me think..Naaah, you don’t HAVE to be Catholic as such if you’re willing to remain in the same well and not willing to reach out to check out the other stuff outside the well. But if you want to leap from Local to Universal, then you better think of being a Catholic. (Once again, I’m NOT talking of the Churches. I’m ONLY talking of the Terms!)

Now let me rephrase myself.

You : “Are you a Catholic or a Christian?

Me : “I’m a Catholic Christian!” 🙂

Oh boy, I hope I said it first! Oh and if you think you’re a Catholic Christian too… What are you waiting for?? Spread the word around…